Posted by Aileen

December 6, 2016

Amazing lawyer!!!!!!! No doubt

I want to thank Paternoster law group for everything they done.. very professional law group. Glenn is my lawyer he was amazing and he would do everything possible to make me comfortable. I live a hour away from Las Vegas and when I didn’t feel good they would come to my house. They always returned my phone calls. Answered all my questions. Got me the best treatments. I really appreciate them. They didn’t give up into they won my case. They are very honest with you. I’m happy with my choice on going to them. They walk with you on every step when you don’t understand what’s going on. Never once disrespectful. I strongly recommend giving them a call you won’t be disappointed. They value your opinions. You won’t regret it. They where on top of all my doctor appointments. You work with them they will work with you. Never was a time wasted. Thank you Glenn for everything I was very happy on how everything turned out.

Posted by Jaime

May 3, 2016


We are so blessed and lucky that Mr. Glenn took our case, him and his team are the best I thought no one was going to be able to help me with my work injury but because of him and his awesome team me and my wife and kids can start living a normal life again. There is no words to tell you how amazing Mr. Glenn is as a person and as a lawyer.

Posted by LaShawnda

April 16, 2016


From the first day i met with Glenn i could tell that he was an honest man, and strictly about his business and satisfaction to others. He was very respectful, very professional, and very blunt. Most of all, he kept his word with me so from my experience i can say he is a man of his word. He promised me that he would make the other party settle and get me the most money he could, so he fought very hard to win my case for my personal injury claim, and in the end of it all, he got me a $100,000 settlement and the insurance company paid every penny of it within 6 months. With that being all we can get because that’s all they had, i can honestly vouch and say that Glenn is one of the best attorneys that i know. He also took the time to speak to me and give me great advice when he cut me the check! For that, i find him to be a very pleasant and generous person and i would recommend him to anyone.

Thank You,
LaShawnda Scales