$15 million – Burn injuries for three men injured while working (settled during trial)

$13 million – Two women injured in an automobile collision, one who underwent multiple lumbar surgeries, the other recommended for lumbar surgery (verdict)

$9 million – For a speeding motorcyclist (settled during trial)

$7 million – Burn injuries and wrongful death claims for apartment fire (policy limits)

$5 million – Cervical fusion caused by low-impact automobile collision (verdict)

$4.5 million – Slip and fall in water while shopping (settlement)

$3.65 Million – Settlement (months before trial) for car wreck at road construction site

$3.3 million – Intoxicated man falls down the stairs of his own rented condominium (policy limits)

$2 million – Settlement for bad faith insurance practice

$1.03 million – Due to a car accident aggravating pre-existing neck fusion

$1.2 million – Lumbar fusion caused by car accident

$1.1 million – Settlement for Traumatic brain injury, temporary amnesia, and post-traumatic stress disorder, with only $38,000 in past medical bills after he switched to our firm because his prior attorney demanded the client settle for $50,000.

$1 million – Lumbar fusion caused by automobile collision (policy limits)

$1 million – When a previously disabled man was injured due to slipping in a restroom

$800,000 – Worker that hit head in door jamb while operating scissor lift

$830,000 – Customer tripped on mat in store causing lumbar fusion

$795,000 – Lumbar fusion caused by slip and fall in water

$750,000 – Lumbar fusion caused by automobile collision (policy limits)

$750,000 – Cervical fusion caused by slip and fall in water

$600,000 – Woman injured by clothing display while shopping

$500,000 – For mild traumatic brain injury with $42,000 in medical bills and no lost wages (settlement)