It’s a bright and new moon tonight

I know that this is probably inappropriate of me to email in an unofficial manner, but Glenn I just wanted to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to start my life over without the struggle and worry of having to start it from scratch like when I was in my 20’s. As you already know that for some people in the world starting your life over at 40 is not an easy task. Being a person with only a year of college under my belt and only retail as a career of choice it isn’t always easy working your way back to the top. It took me a lot of years to build up my career of choice to where I could walk into any retail chain and start as a store manager and earn 35-40k a year. As you already know I have 17 years of retail experience and with my resume messed up for the last three years its going to be hard to get back to where I was before the accident that changed my life. YOU Glenn have given me the chance to restart my life where I should have been at this point in my like. To be able to buy a home, have investments, have a savings, have a family (well I’ll work on that someday) basically you gave me back my life. I know that what you do is just a job to you…but to a person who lost everything, it means the world to me. When I left your office and came home the reality of it all hit me all at once. Yeah, I cried…I laughed…I shouted of joy knowing that the hard times are behind me. It was a hard and tough three years for me, losing everything I ever loved but you made it worth the wait. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can help me get back on the road to it. I know you, Sarah and Jeri worked very hard on my case and I will never be able to express just how much gratitude to all of you for it. Like you said a couple of weeks ago when your case is over I just move on to the next one, but your life will change for the better you are right, and it will. Keep making people’s hopes and dreams a reality Glenn…you did it for me I don’t care what people say about you Glenn your alright in my book that part was a joke lol.

Take Care and God Bless,

Jimmy S.

March 20, 2010