Negligent Security


Innocent people can be hurt and killed due to the criminal conduct of others because business owners do not provide adequate security to others on their property. To fully understand your rights and to recover all damages, you must talk to a highly qualified and experienced lawyer.  To determine whether the defendant provided adequate security, your law firm will first determine that a crime was foreseeable to the defendant landowner. The ultimate question is: should the defendant have known this incident could occur at their place of business, and what did they do to avoid it? Our firm will investigate this issue by obtaining a variety of evidence via sworn testimony, documents, and sometimes audio/video recordings.

To determine the foreseeability of criminal conduct, you may consider the information known to the defendant, including the nature and location of the defendant’s property and their criminal history, or lack of history, of similar criminal conduct. Again, most of this is proven through evidence obtained during a law firm’s investigation of a case. These cases often require security or safety expert witnesses to review the evidence uncovered and render opinions as to why a defendant’s property was unsafe and why the defendant should be held accountable for the losses caused by inadequate security.

Some examples of these types of cases include attacks at casinos and bars. They include physical assaults, armed and unarmed robberies, shootings, and sexual assaults that occur on commercial premises.

If this has occurred to you or someone you care about, please call us to set up an appointment, free of charge, to discuss your rights.