Slip and fall

If you injure yourself at someone’s home, on someone’s property or business, or as an outcome of a dangerous condition, the property owner or company proprietor might be liable for your injuries. Do not let concern or doubt stop you from reaching an experienced slip-and-fall attorney.Our attorneys at Paternoster Law Group will defend your personal trauma claims if you are the victim of a slip and fall or trip and fall misfortune. The property owner might be held financially liable for any injuries that occur on their premises in the case the accident happened because of a slip and fall.

Meet Your Slip and Fall Attorney.

You will meet personally with a slip-and-fall attorney who will review your accident and medical reports, and will ascertain if negligence was the reason behind your fall and injury. Many debilitating injuries appear from people tripping over various dangers, including holes, improperly placed items or defective stairs, as well as tripping or slipping on slick, wet or greasy surfaces. These injuries are frequently the responsibility of property owners or the government entities responsible for maintaining public areas.

Common Ways Slip and Falls Accident Occur

    • Construction sites
    • Irregular sidewalks
    • Steep driveways
    • Wet and slick floors
    • Stairs that are dangerous or stair rails
    • Wicked lighted paths
    • Badly maintained pools
    • Dangerous property hazards

Reasons for Compensation

Your legal rights to compensation for a slip-and-fall injury include:

    • Medical bills
    • Loss of income
    • Pain and suffering
    • Cost for aid and home care
    • Future Medical Bills
    • Future Pain and suffering & rehabilitation
    • Punitive damages that are potential

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LaShawnda April 16, 2016