Catastrophic Injury


After 40 years of combined experience, our legal team has seen the worst injuries imaginable and successfully obtained justice for each of these victims. No case is too serious or large, in fact, catastrophic injury cases are the legal area where we thrive the most. We have represented clients whose lives were permanently changed by another’s negligence caused by quadriplegia, paraplegia, severe brain damage, neck and back injuries, severe burns, chronic regional pain syndrome, lost limbs, post-traumatic stress disorder, open book pelvis injuries, and even blindness.

The more serious the injury, the larger the recovery, and the more experience you should demand in your corner. Catastrophic injury cases require a legal team with the skill, time and money to maximize your recovery. These cases can be time-consuming and costly, and only lawyers who have dealt with these cases in the past should take on this serious responsibility.

The litigation costs necessary to prove these cases can be staggering, easily hundreds of thousands of dollars. We front all litigation costs including fees for court reporters, expert witnesses, and focus groups. All of which are necessary when a person has been catastrophically injured. We will not go to trial on your case without first conducting several focus groups to help us discover any weaknesses we have not addressed adequately and to find out what others in the community think about the value of your case. Focus groups dramatically increase the chances of victory and help us understand the risks of trial. Catastrophic injury cases can require 5 to 10 experts or even more to prove that a defendant is responsible, in addition to proving all your damages. Depending on the type of case, medical experts, engineering experts, safety experts, and financial experts are hand selected and hired by us as needed. These experts are amongst the best in the country and we’re willing to pay them for their expertise to help us win your case.

If the insurance company does not get serious about settling a catastrophic injury case, they know we’ll take them to trial. In fact, we prefer it. You must have a legal team willing to see your case through to the very end, not a law firm that pretends it will. Let Paternoster Law Group be that team for you.

Our history of winning large cases includes some of the best recoveries in Las Vegas.

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