Burn Victims

Burn Injuries

Our firm has experience with cases involving all types of burns.  Burns can be caused by exposure to external dangers including chemicals, electricity and heat.  The severity of each burn is classified as first through sixth degree burns.  First and second-degree burns are painful but only damage the skin.  First degree burns typically heal by themselves, while second degree burns may need skin grafts, or artificial skin to cover the damage until it heals. Third degree burns destroy sweat glands, hair follicles and the skin, always requiring skin grafts.  The most severe burns damage all types of tissue, including different skin layers, sweat glands, hair follicles, fat, muscle, reaching to the bone.  Regardless of the severity, burn injuries are obviously painful and can cause permanent disfigurement.  For these reasons, your case must be given the individualized care it deserves.  Hiring an attorney experienced with these types of injuries is the best way to ensure you receive the fair compensation you deserve.  Insurance companies will do everything in their power to delay and ultimately avoid responsibility to cheat you out of a fair result.  You need a law firm who will fight them to safeguard your rights, so they don’t succeed.

Why Hire Us?

Family members killed by fire and smoke inhalation as well as victims with mild to life threatening burns have entrusted our firm for over the past 20 years to represent them.  You know you are hiring a firm with a track record of collecting millions of dollars for burn victims.  While we wish that we could turn back the clock or waive a magic wand to make your injuries and suffering go away, clearly that’s not possible.  The good news is that our civil justice system may allow you to recover for all your losses.  Only a skilled law firm such as Paternoster Law Group can ensure you will get the best recovery possible.  A comprehensive analysis of your case will start the day you meet with us.  We will promptly investigate your claim and put others on notice that evidence regarding your case must be preserved.  We will hire the best experts available to prove your case in all areas, including medical experts regarding the nature of your injuries and suffering, as well as the need for future care.  We hire economic and vocational experts to prove your financial losses.  If electricity or chemicals are involved, we will likely hire some of the best chemical or electrical engineering experts in the field.  We also retain fire investigators in nearly every burn case.  These experts are just some of the tools available utilized to prove what caused and what has truly happened to you.  We will find the best lay witnesses to prove how the injuries have affected your life.  By doing the day in and day out work required to build each case, we are always prepared.  This work ethic combined with years of experience results in high settlement offers and outstanding results.

In one case, three workers were severely burned at work when an air conditioning unit leaked water onto an electrical panel.  A thorough work up of this case revealed that the defendants knew the water was leaking and the leak could cause an electrical arc, but instead chose to ignore the danger. This poor choice allowed an electrical arc to cause severe burns to our clients.  The insurance company settled for an undisclosed amount one week into trial.

Our firm will treat you like family.  Not just because it’s good business but because we understand that learning more about you will allow us to maximize the value of your case.  Your relationship with us will eventually allow us to understand fully what your case is about and discovering your personal story. Our training and experience in storytelling, will provide you with the best chance to obtain the most compensation for your loss.

We have a proven record of holding responsible parties fully accountable for causing injuries.  With determination, meticulous case preparation and aggressive litigation strategies, we get results.

Call us for a free case evaluation, if we don’t recover, you won’t pay a penny, it’s that simple.