Car Accident

Car Accidents

There are numerous kinds of vehicle accidents that derail your life and can be harmful in both the short and long term. Whether an intoxicated driver hit you head-on or you were rear-ended by a careless taxi driver, we can help you recover – financially, psychologically, and physically.

After a motor vehicle collision, you or a member of the family might sustain severe vehicle accident injuries. Do not deal with the consequences of these injuries alone. We’ll boldly pursue the guilty driver’s car insurance to your maximum advantage. We can help you get the finest health care with experienced and helpful medical professionals. We can even help you get insurance coverage compensation that can cover you for a new vehicle if your vehicle was destroyed in the accident.

If your spouse or family member was killed in an accident, we can help you deal with the medical costs, funeral costs, lost support and income, as well as the trauma associated with such a loss.

Car Accident Attorneys

At Paternoster Law Group, we realize how hard life can end up being after a crash. No two car incidents are identical, but in the end, most accidents are caused either by inattention or drunk driving. As experienced Nevada car crash lawyers, we may be counted on to resolve each traffic injury case by pursuing every penny of restitution to which our clients are entitled.

Insurance adjusters who might try to bully you toward agreeing to on an unreasonably low repayment do not daunt us. We will make every effort to work out a favorable result, regardless of the circumstances of your accident.  Our attitude with insurance companies? Pay a fair amount now, or pay even more later. It’s your choice.

Without our team in your corner, you may never recover completely against all responsible parties because sometimes it’s not obvious who’s to blame even in a clear-cut rear-end car crash case. In one of our cases, our client was parked at a dead stop on a desert highway with cars in front of him. While he was stopped, another vehicle barreled into him at 60-70 mph after passing 5 bright orange road construction warning signs. We pursued not only the driver who hit him and the company he was working for while driving, but also the road construction company doing road work when the collision happened. After an extensive investigation and many depositions, we argued with the help of a traffic safety expert that the traffic control safety plan designed by the road construction company was inadequate, improperly planned and unsafely implemented. Eventually, all defendants contributed to an undisclosed settlement that will financially take care of our client for the rest of his life.

The Compensation You Should Get

A car accident typically has significant consequences and can take place without warning. One minute you are driving to work or school, and seconds later, you are being transported to the hospital with severe injuries. You may be unable to get back to work. You may be required to deal with medical expenses. You might have done nothing to trigger your accident.

Nevertheless, you might experience that the driver who struck you will deny any misbehavior and refuse to accept fault. Even worse, that at-fault vehicle driver’s insurance protection company will aim to postpone, decline your claim, or argue you’re exaggerating your injuries to get more money.

Without an experienced Las Vegas car accident lawyer working for you, you might wind up with unfair compensation for lost income, medical expenses and pain and suffering.  We’ve seen every argument that can be conjured up by insurance companies and their lawyers, and we can confront each of them with experience.

At Paternoster Law Group our hard-working group of attorneys and staff will handle every aspect of your injury case for you, such as insurance forms, interviewing witnesses, photographing the crash scene and helping you identify and preserve any possible signs of injury. Best of all, if we don’t win, you don’t pay for attorney fees or litigation costs. Let us give you a free consultation regarding your rights.

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You will not spend a cent unless we win your case. We will look at your personal circumstances and identify all steps necessary to get you on the road to recovery, both physically and financially.


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From the first day i met with Glenn i could tell that he was an honest man, and strictly about his business and satisfaction to others. He was very respectful, very professional, and very blunt. Most of all, he kept his word with me so from my experience i can say he is a man of his word. He promised me that he would make the other party settle and get me the most money he could, so he fought very hard to win my case for my personal injury claim, and in the end of it all, he got me a $100,000 settlement and the insurance company paid every penny of it within 6 months. With that being all we can get because that’s all they had, i can honestly vouch and say that Glenn is one of the best attorneys that i know. He also took the time to speak to me and give me great advice when he cut me the check! For that, i find him to be a very pleasant and generous person and i would recommend him to anyone.

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LaShawnda April 16, 2016